Code of Skater Responsibility

  • Maximum of 20 skaters allowed on the ice during each skating sessions.
  • Skaters aged 12 and under must wear a helmet; those above 12 are strongly advised to do so. Available complimentary.
  • All patrons on the ice must wear skates; no shoes allowed.
  • Portable music devices are prohibited while on the ice.
  • Use the designated access point when entering or leaving the ice.
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the ice.
  • The Well is not responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended. Please use our fee based parcel check service.
  • Skate in the direction of other patrons for safety.
  • No figure skating, speed skating, or skating backward.
  • Avoid carrying children on the ice.
  • Refrain from stopping for extended periods along the boards.
  • No playing tag on the ice.
  • Prohibited items on the ice include sticks, balls, pucks, chairs, and strollers. Exceptions for devices aiding those with disabilities (assisting person must wear skates).
  • Individuals displaying unacceptable behavior, including dangerous play, fighting, abusive language, or alcohol consumption, will be asked to leave.


If there is availability for skaters to take part in more than one skate session, they are welcome to reserve their spots online.

Our staff will accommodate you if possible, per availability. During peak season it is unlikely that late arrivals can be accommodated.

The Well Skating Rink is generally open rain or shine. We may close The Well Skating Rink for severe weather. In the event of a weather closure, customers will be notified by email.

It is mandatory for all skaters 12 years and under to wear helmets whilst on the ice. While skating helmets are not obligatory for those over 12 years of age, we strongly recommend wearing them for your personal safety. You can conveniently borrow helmets at the Skating Hut at no cost!

Feel free to bring your own skates to use during your session. Additionally, skates are available on a first come first serve basis for rent at the skate hut, with a charge of $5 for kids and $10 for adults.

Available sizes for rent:

  • Womens size 6-12
  • Mens size 6-12
  • Kids size 1-13

As large bags are not permitted on the ice bag check services are available at a rate of $5 per bag and $10 per oversized bag.

Please note that the bag size for the Bag Check service is determined by the rink staff.

Head to the Ice Skating hut (adjacent to the Ice Skating rink) to check-in for your booking. You will have to provide your booking confirmation e-mail to our staff for them to check you in. This is also where you can collect any skate rentals that you require.