iPhone Photography Workshop For Foodies





Join us for an immersive iPhone Photography Workshop designed for food enthusiasts or anyone who lives by the phase "The Phone Eats First". This two-hour workshop will be led by food and lifestyle photographer, Jamo Best. Participants will be enlightened on lesser-known features and capabilities of their iPhone's camera, helping them maximize its potential for food photography.


  1. iPhone Camera Basics: Jamo will begin with an overview of iPhone camera functions to ensure everyone is comfortable with the camera app. Many users are unaware of the full range of features their iPhone's camera offers. The workshop will showcase these features, such as different shooting modes, manual controls (if applicable), and hidden settings that can enhance their photography experience.
  2. Composition Essentials:
    • Understanding Light: Learn to identify and utilize available light effectively. Explore the difference between finding your light source and providing your light source.
    • The 7 Elements of Composition: Dive into the principles of composition specific to food photography, including:
      • Line: Utilize lines to guide the viewer's eye through the image.
      • Shape & Form: Highlight the shapes and forms of food to add interest.
      • Pattern: Capture repetitive elements to create visual rhythm.
      • Tone: Use light and shadow to create depth and dimension.
      • Color: Learn to use color to evoke emotions and set the mood.
      • Texture: Highlight the texture of food to make it more inviting.
      • Space: Understand how to use negative space to enhance the subject.
  3. Hands-On Practice: Put theory into practice with provided food items. Experiment with styling, composition, and lighting techniques under guidance of our professional photographer. Participants will learn advanced techniques specific to iPhone photography, such as using the volume button as a shutter release, locking exposure and focus, and using gridlines for better composition.
  4. Editing with Apple Photos App: Learn post-processing techniques to enhance your food photos. Understand how to adjust colors, contrast, and sharpness to make your photos visually appealing and tempting. By the end of this workshop, you'll have the skills and confidence to capture stunning food photos with your iPhone!

Duration: 120 minutes
Location: Wellington Event Venue in Wellington Market
Ticket Price: $55 per person plus tax
Charcuterie board to be enjoy! 
Please let us know of any dietary restrictions.